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Project about volodymyr perebasov

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Hello everyone!

I've created a money pot using Kadonation to easily collect money for a group .

Volodymyr Perebasov   

Schevchenko str 114 A

Izmail sity

Odessa reg.



mob. 380973424184

Dear all!

My name is Volodymyr Perebasov. and i simple Ukrainian guy.I have big family.I work as a fitter and have a small salary.

At this point i have an exelent idea for business in my region.I want to build a mini factory for the production of roofing tiles from natural raw materials!

I live in the south part of Ukraine and my region has a lot of good material for making a quality product.It will be the first plant in Ukraine for the production of natural shingles from natural raw materials.

I am looking to raise amount of money to help me pay for project!

I am writing to you to ask you to support me and my project.Just a small donation off amound can help me.

You can beat my investor and beat me as a co-owner of my future company.

Description of everything necessary to start my business 

Land use permit ---1000$

Land lease ---20 000m2-4000$ per 50 years.

Autoloader for finished products---10 000$

Excavator for mining clay from quarry---40 000$

Truck crane ----65 000$

Equipment for the production of shingles made of clay---200 000$

Thank you again !!!

Sincerely yours Volodymyr Perebasov

Thanks in advance!

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