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Earthquake Lombok: Eco Rebuild
Door: Dick Wynendaele
voor Project Lombok

Earthquake Lombok: Eco Rebuild

€ 3.569,00
verzameld van de € 5.000,00


On the 29th of July and the the 5th of August earthquakes hit Lombok, and are terrorizing the island with heavy aftershocks up till now. This caused a lot of damage to villages located on the slopes of the Rinjani volcano. One of those villages is Sajang.
Sajang is also the location of our AFD project. Those who followed the project , know what we experienced, implemented and learned. A lot was about coffee, but also way beyond.  After living there for over a month, we left with friends and a family having an Amaq and an Ina (cfr father & mother).

Why do we need to help ?
Since many houses and public infrastructure got severely destroyed, they are in serious need for a long-term and stable reconstruction. While this asks for a lot of time, organization and money, thousands of people in Lombok are going to be homeless for months. As we are here in Belgium, privileged with the safest natural and socio-economic circumstances possible, we want to support our friends in Sajang in these times of need.
Eco-friendly & earthquake resistant
We want to help the people from Lombok by building bamboo houses. Those houses are not only made of local materials but there are also cheaper and environmental friendly. We want to build houses that can resist an earthquake.
"Grenzeloos Milieu " (Environment Without Boundaries) is a Belgian organization already active in Lombok for more than 8 years. They are mainly active in waste management and education.
 Last year, "Grenzeloos Milieu" helped us a lot for our coffee project. The reality is that it is time for us to help them as well.
The aim is to : "build bamboo houses that are earthquake resistant as a good example to convince local people not to mirror them to the west and build stone houses but to start to use again local materials". Els Houttave
Drink coffee & help us !
On the 11th of October, we will organise a “coffee and cocktail 2.0” evening in Leuven. The benefits go to reconstruction in Lombok. Make sure to note this date in your agenda! Follow this page  for more information concerning this event, the situation on-the ground as well as the actions undertaken and for what the money is intended to.  

We will give more information on the development bamboo reconstruction plans when they get concretized.

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