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Contribute for a good cause....
Door: Jeffrey Sol
voor Jeffrey Sol

Contribute for a good cause....

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Hello everyone! I am unemployed (always disapproved) and have a very low benefit. For a while there is a foreign legacy, of a sugar aunt abroad, and I can not only pay the costs due low income and my money management institution does not want to believe in it. Actually the deny it is real. They are as weird that they say I am crazy, due only I am here in My Own Rental place. Ofcourse I have rights for having a live and a house. That crazy it isn't. I have a called subscribsion on a kind of drugs and a valium. So it says I hope, else I last weeks going trough a rottings thing; you see I have a ptss problem and   The doctor lower the weights of the dosis to take , so streetwise that make It feel like "cold turkey"-effects. Okay , Ran out of line a few times into the wrong lawmakers and agree that I am the opposite of a fascist and far about as defencivelly just actually kicked back when long ago I was homeless. I ultimately need an amount of 25,000 euros to receive an amount of over 25 million. For me this is only a living amount and comes because the expensive paper store of international payments.  I therefore also ask everyone for a contribution to this so that my dream of creating my own villa can be realized. I will send contributers  as blessings and thank you nice gift when  we succeed... You can contribute directly via your bank card by clicking on contribute button.

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