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Contribute securely

Safety is as important to us as it is to you, our users. We take all necessary precautions to guarantee safe and smooth transactions.

You are the sole owner of your money

  • The creator of the page is the only person who can decide what to do with the collected amount of money. Kadonation serves as safekeeper of the money and never gains control over it.
  • You decide when and how to spend the money

A secure Internet connection & database

  • Kadonation uses a secure SSL Internet connection
  • All personal details and bank account information are encrypted
  • The necessary details are saved in a secure database on a secure server

3D secure

  • We only accept bank cards which are 3D secure
  • This simply means you will always need to use your card reader to make a payment

Certified payment method Mangopay

  • Transactions are processed by certified payment agency Mangopay
  • Mangopay is used by hundreds of platforms across Europe
  • Mangopay is an EU and Luxemburg CSSF licensed and regulated financial institution