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Kadonation Gift Card

  • Your gift card never expires
  • Personalize with a message for the receiver
  • Redeemable at more than 90 partners or 1000 stores

Choose from more than 90 partners or 1000 shops

Giving a Kadonation gift voucher is giving the freedom of choice.

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Frequently asked questions

Looking for something specific? Check the answers below.

  • When you buy a Kadonation gift voucher, you determine the voucher value you want to give to the recipient. The recipient can redeem their voucher on our website and spend this voucher value on any of our partners’ webshops or in their physical stores (if they support it). The recipient can spend with multiple partners and chooses how much they want to spend per partner. The voucher never expires, so they don’t have to spend it all at once.

  • Yes, just choose a value and quantity and add it to your cart. You can then choose a different value and quantity and add it to your cart.

    You can also combine digital and physical vouchers, but we don’t recommend it. Normally, digital vouchers are delivered instantly after ordering. However, if you add a physical voucher, the delivery of the digital vouchers is delayed until the physical voucher has been processed (which can take a few hours to a day).

  • For a digital voucher you’re only paying the value you want to add.

    For a physical voucher we charge € 1,80 per voucher box, as well as € 4,20 for the shipping of the order.

  • Certainly, send an email to sales@kadonation.com and we’ll help you out!

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Looking for a gift card, online gift certificate or gift voucher? Want to buy a gift card online? Our gift card is the perfect birthday gift, wedding gift graduation gift, mothersday gift, fathersday gift, babyshower gift and housewarming gift.

With our gift card, which you can spend with more than 170 partners, i.e. more than 1.000 shops, you can paint a smile on anyone's face! On top of that our gift card is valid for life, which means it never expires! Yup, you read that right, a gift card without an expiration date does exist!

Also, the recipient enjoys an all-in-one gift card. Don't limit yourself to a ZEB gift card, Zalando gift card, Bol.com gift card, Dreambaby gift card or a Center Parcs gift card. Our gift card is valid with all these shops as well as lots of other shops.

With us, you can order a gift card and then print your gift card in just a couple of minutes. It's the perfect last-minute gift! Want to go the extra mile? Our gift cards are also available as a nice gift box!

Freedom of choice is the best gift

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