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Good cause  Een Hart Voor Vluchtelingen
Organisé par: Geertrui Brughmans
pour Een Hart Voor Vluchtelingen

Good cause Een Hart Voor Vluchtelingen

€ 126,00


Dear colleagues

Thank you for coming and having a look at this page. So you want to see Jan with green hair also after December 11? Great! 

  • If we manage to raise 200 euro, his hair will also be green on Monday December 16.

  • For another 400 euro, also on Tuesday December 17 you will easily recognize him.       
  • For another 800 euro, he will walk into the office with green hair also on Wednesday December 18.       
  • And so on... So every business day, the amount doubles.

All donations are welcome! If every person in our company would donate one euro, then Jan will already walk around with green hair for 4 business days!

I've created a money pot using Kadonation to easily collect the money.
You can contribute directly with your bank' card by clicking contribute.
You choose whether you want your contribution to be visible to others.

So it's easy for everyone to contribute!
And, of course, payments always happen over a secure connection.

Thanks in advance!


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