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Stage Rebels Studio first album: REGGAEDISE with top artists
By: Rashida Girigori
for Stage Rebels Studio

Stage Rebels Studio first album: REGGAEDISE with top artists

€ 585,50
collected of € 150,00


Hi my name is  Rashida Girigori a 36 year old momtrepeneur. 

A singer songwriter by heart.

With a total experience of over 20 years

I could sing  before i went to potty training.

Participant of the very first idols of the Netherlands.

Winner of the Idols Curacao 2006.

Besides my own musical career, I was able to use that blueprint

for the furturance of other artists.

With a creative and business mindset it led to the set of business skills I use

today to make my dreams come true

A very big part of my dream was meeting mister right and building our family

a dynasty so, i set forth to do so. I was blessed with mister right ;)

Meet Luis Sint Jago 46 year old dadtrepeneur. 

Musical talent Producer, Bass player and a Drummer that knows his way around the piano and guitar as well. He carries the nickname Reggae master. 

Cause his core literally speaks to the music. He also, has a very good ear for recording.

He is specialized in different styles from Latin to reggae and from soul to pop.

Like he always says; '''if you're from the Caribbean you don't have a choice but

to master different styles of music''.

Luis has a lot of experience in the field as a professional musician. Always dreamt of one day producing for top reggae artists.

Together we are the CEO's of Stage Rebels Studio

making it in the music industry has always been our dream.  

We are a musical family everybody in our household plays an instrument or

uses their voice as one.

So, it was inevitable to one day have our own music studio.

We've build the studio with our very own hands in 2017.

Stage Rebels Studio is a record label with a recording and practise studio situated in Belgium. We also have a booking, management and promotion department of international artists.

With that we have a backing band for artists that come to europe without a band. 

Stage RebelsStage Rebels

Now that you know a little bit more about us. we want to share our project with you 

  • REGGAEDISE (Paradise of Reggae)

Reggaedise is a visual/audio project with an album consisting out of 12 songs produced by Luis Sint Jago.

12 top reggae artists out of which 5 will make a musicvideo on a beautiful island called Curacao. An island we hold dear to our hearts because it's our motherland which is situated in the Caribbean.

By doing so we give back to the community, we help promote the island internationaly and hope to contribute to toerisme.  Cause as you can see this is a beautiful island. (What's not to love about it?)

  • how did it come about

one day Luis decided to contact a couple of top reggae artists and send them a beat produced by him and wait for their response. 

little did we know the feedback of these artists was going to be that they would love!! to record on his riddim and that it is going to be a hit for sure!!!

of course making an album and 5 music video's will cost a substantial amount of money.

we work hard and invest to make sure our dreams become reality. 

So we've already managed to safe up € 10.000

Yet sometimes you have to reach out to your supporters and join forces to get to the next level.

  • Were will the funds go to 

We will invest all the funds in making the album and video's 

Mixing and mastering of the tracks. 

also do some good marketing around the project. 

to make this long life dream come true we want to ask everyone that wants and can support this project to do so. 

We thank you all in advance 

and remember there is no paradise like reggaedise. 

with alot of positive vibes and love from 

Rashida & Luis 

Risks and challenges

With every project comes potential risks and challenges.

For us a potential challenge we forsee is that we will not make the budget we need on time.
And the risk that it brings is that the project will not be finished on time. 
Because we are working with Top artists they tour approximatly 7 to 8 months a year. 
If we don't start the project on time and follow trough with every fase in the right pace , we lose our golden chance. And what they consider to be a hit this year will most definitly now be the same case next year. 
When you get a chance to make your dreams come true you simply don't give up. 
That's why we will do everything in our power and beyond to make sure we get this project done and right! 
Your support is highly appreciloved!

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Rashida Girigori 5 years ago

Wauw!!! Super bedankt voor jullie bijdrage we zitten al op € 117,50.  Al 1% achter de rug. Zonder jullie hadden we dit niet kunnen bereiken. nog 36 dagen en 99% te gaan dus vragen wij jullie dit project te delen met familie en vrienden bedrijven en professionals. 

Een gezegend weekend voor iedereen !!!

Wauw!!!! Super excited thanks for the support. We now raised € 117,50. We've already covered 1% of the project. We could not do it without you. We have yet 36 days and 99% to go so we ask you to share this project with family and friends businesses and professionals.

A blessed weekend to everyone !!!