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Use the collected money from your online group gift here or use your Kadonation gift card to get a gift voucher from Smartbox

About Smartbox

To redeem this "Experience Check" you only have to visit the website www.smartbox.com, choose the gift box or boxes that you like best and add them to your shopping cart.

At the bottom you can enter the number (9 digits) and activation code (3 digits) of your experience cheque.

If the code entered is correct, the amount of your experience cheque will be added as a discount to your purchase.

The experience cheque can be used in several purchases by splitting its value until the amount is used up or its validity date is exceeded.
For more information you can contact: info.empresa@smartbox-group.com

Find the conditions and terms of use at https://www.smartbox.com/es/condiciones-generales-de-venta/

Conditions of a Smartbox voucher

  • Any amount from this list is allowed:
  • Only usable in Spain
  • Exchange gift voucher in our physical store(s) & on to-be-modified.com
  • Valid for 1 year(s)
  • Sent digitally
  • Not combinable
  • The gift voucher must be spent all at once with our gift partner.
  • Not exchangeable for money

Online group gift

Start an online group gift completely free, collect money with friends, family or colleagues and use the collected money to get a gift voucher from Smartbox Do you have a Kadonation gift card? Use it to get a gift voucher for

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Kadonation gift card

Do you have a Kadonation gift card? Use it to get a Smartbox gift voucher

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