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About Loofy's

Clean yourself & nature

Start every day fresh and clean. That way you can change the world. With the most beautiful soaps and softest shampoos, Loofy's creates a cleaner world. Because our soaps are not only good for yourself, but also for nature. The entire Loofy's collection is plastic-free, not only free of microplastics, but also free of plastic packaging. Loofy's is committed to a world where everyone showers cleaner. This is not only good for you, but for everyone.

Loofy's is a Dutch brand that inspires other brands to do the same. We are taking concrete steps to develop and sell plastic-free products you use every day in the bathroom. Only in this way can we get rid of all unnecessary plastic faster. By looking critically at current processes & packaging, we learn from existing mistakes and can inspire each other to do things differently.

All Loofy's products are of the highest quality with responsible ingredients. The products are made in a sustainable and ethical way, for people and nature. All our products are vegan.

Conditions of a Loofy's voucher

  • Any amount between € 10 and € 250 is allowed
  • Only usable in Belgium & the Netherlands
  • Exchange gift card on loofys.nl/shop/
  • Valid for 2 year(s)
  • Sent digitally
  • Not combinable
  • The gift voucher can be used at multiple different times.
  • Not exchangeable for money

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