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About MOYU

The "infinite" booklet

We believe in quality. We want to tell our story only with the best materials, the most durable solution and a functional product. Each MOYU booklet can be erased and rewritten up to 500x.

MOYU was founded out of love for nature.

Unfortunately, our nature does not have it easy and 40 football fields of trees are cut down every minute. We believe the destruction of this important nature must stop.

Therefore, in cooperation with Trees for Kenya, we plant a tree for every MOYU booklet purchased. This way, we create new ecosystems and contribute to the community in Kenya!

Matte paper is the sustainable alternative to normal "pulp" paper. It is a sustainable development in a tree-free paper consisting mainly of ground stone (Calcium Carbonate). No water and bleaching agents are used during the production of stone paper, which, among other things, reduces CO2 emissions by 67%.

Write, Rewrite, Reforest. Erasable Stone Paper Notebook. Each page is erasable and thus rewritable. Up to 500 times! With this, we combat paper waste to save forests and create new ecosystems. Thus, in collaboration with Trees for Kenya, we plant a tree for every MOYU notebook purchased.

Conditions of a MOYU voucher

  • Any amount from this list is allowed:
  • Only usable in Belgium & the Netherlands
  • Exchange gift card on www.moyu-notebooks.com/shop/all
  • Valid for 2 year(s)
  • Sent digitally
  • Not combinable
  • The gift voucher can be used at multiple different times.
  • Not exchangeable for money

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